Fully Disclosed, totally mechanical, multi-market, non-optimized, simple rules. Verified by Futures Truth.        

    For Andromeda:

    ***DEEP DISCOUNT prices available for purchasing both Andromeda & Pegasus together***

  • The Andromeda Info Manual - an information manual about Andromeda, its characteristics and trading systems in general. Important
    topics such as Optimization, Types of Drawdowns, Performance Issues and Position Sizing (Money Management) among others are

  • Andromeda Portfolios & Performance - the result of exhaustive analysis and testing: numerous different recommended portfolios for
    small, medium, large and professional account sizes that apply Position Sizing (Money Management) strategies. Historical performance
    test results are provided in graphical format as well as detailed reports. This is an important manual and perhaps the one that will interest
    you the most; it provides the road map for Andromeda.

  • Andromeda Revelations - reveals in detail the system rules and trading logic. Everything is thoroughly revealed, disclosed and
    explained in plain English. Nothing is held back!!

  • Andromeda TradeStation file compiled in version 9.0 - NO locks, required keys or passwords. The source code is fully viewable in
    TradeStation's development environment.

    *IMPORTANT: please ensure that you have the latest version of TradeStation installed / updated. For more information on TradeStation
    visit their website at

  • The Trading & TradeStation Manual - important setup and trading instructions for Andromeda using TradeStation.

  • TradersStudio Code: code for TradersStudio Professional version. Source code is fully viewable in the TradersStudio System Editor. For
    more information on TradersStudio please visit their website at

  • System Combinations - a presentation of various examples combining portfolios from both Andromeda and Pegasus together.
    Combining systems adds a whole new layer of diversification.


    while our systems are available in 3 different platforms (TradeStation, TradersStudio & a stand alone Windows software), we recognize
    that there are other good trading platforms that you may prefer. Given that our systems are fully disclosed, and that all the trading rules
    are simple and fully explained in plain, easy to follow English, some of our customers have easily been able to translate / re-program the
    systems into their platform of choice. As long as you are proficient in the programming language of your platform, or can find someone
    who is that can help you, adapting Andromeda or Pegasus into your platform of choice is an uncomplicated and achievable task. Keep in
    mind though, that unfortunately on our end we cannot provide assistance in this matter since we do not use those other platforms, nor can
    we verify that the code was properly translated / programmed into those other platforms.

    Andromeda Windows Software: for Andromeda Owners Only - $295

    A stand alone Windows software is available to those who have purchased Andromeda. The cost for this software is $295. You must first
    purchase Andromeda prior to being eligible to purchase this additional item. If you wish to acquire this software and have already
    purchased Andromeda please contact us since this item is not available for download from our website. We will first verify that you have
    already purchased the standard package.

    The Windows software package includes the following:

  • Stand Alone Windows Software - compatible with most third party data providers. Software will run on Windows 95 and later versions,
    including Windows 7. Software can be used for either historical back testing or real time trading.

  • Sample Historical Data - sample data files to get you started and familiarize you with the software. Source: CSI. Sample portfolio
    template files also included. For more information on CSI data please visit

  • Windows Software Manual - setup and usage manual for the Windows Software, as well as the sample data and sample portfolio
    template files.


  • To extract files: Winzip. You may obtain a free evaluation copy at

  • For User Manuals: Microsoft Word or compatible word processor.

  • For TradeStation file: TradeStation - compatible with versions 9.0 or later versions. Please visit for more

  • For Windows software: Compatible with Windows 95 or later versions, including Windows 7. Software is also compatible with most third
    party data vendors, including CSI. For more information on CSI data please visit

  • For TradersStudio: TradersStudio Professional version. Please visit for more information.

    Note: You don't have to trade the system yourself if you are participating in a broker assist program. Visit the Broker Assist page on this
    website for more information.

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