Fully Disclosed, totally mechanical, multi-market, non-optimized, simple rules. Verified by Futures Truth.        

    Price & Ordering

  • Since the Andromeda & Pegasus files are downloaded electronically NO shipping & handling charges apply.
  • All on-line orders are processed securely by Paypal. A Paypal account is not required; you can pay with any credit card. Of course, if you
    do have a Paypal account you are welcome to login and use that instead.
  • Andromeda and Pegasus are distributed by Petros Development Corp, which will appear on your credit card or payment statement.

    ** IMPORTANT: after payment processing by Paypal please remember to click on "Return to Petros Development Corp." so you
    may download the files.

    Please select one of the following purchase options:

    - Andromeda & Pegasus Combo: $1490 - pay only half ( $495 ) for second system when purchased together!
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    If you do not wish to use Paypal's secure on-line order system please contact us for alternate ordering methods and payment.

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