Fully Disclosed, totally mechanical, multi-market, non-optimized, simple rules. Verified by Futures Truth.        

    Refund Policy and Copyright Notice

    Refund Policy with Fully Disclosed Systems

    Our systems are distributed in fully disclosed format. This means that all the trading rules, logic and formulas are fully revealed. Many
    trading systems available to the public are sold in black box format where the system's rules and formulas are not revealed and the source
    code is locked down. Our systems are not black box systems. Nor do they require any electronic keys, passwords or anything else of such
    nature. You will know as much about them as we do - we have held nothing back. All the system's rules, logic and formulas are fully
    disclosed and explained in plain English in our manuals. We are taking a very big risk since there is prevalent plagiarism and piracy on the
    internet. However we have decided to give YOU the trader the benefit of the doubt. We feel that you will be more confident in trading our
    systems if you understand them, rather than merely blindly following the signals of a black box system without knowing how the system
    works. In light of these facts we are unable to offer any refunds, since once you purchase our systems you will know all the trading rules,
    logic and formulas. All the secrets are revealed.

    Copyright Notice

    All materials that disclose the trading rules, logic and formulas of our systems are copyrighted materials and thus protected by the
    Copyright Laws of the United States under Title 17 U.S. Code as well as International Treaties. Under Section 106 of the 1976 Copyright
    Act, unauthorized reproduction or distribution of such material or any portion of it is a violation of these Federal and International
    Copyright Laws and is therefore subject to Criminal Prosecution. These materials include our Revelations manuals as well as any
    computer code furnished to execute our systems. We make these materials available exclusively to our clients who have purchased our
    systems. By purchasing our systems you agree to keep such materials confidential, you agree not to share, distribute, reproduce or
    publish any contents of them without explicit authorization from us. Any such action without proper authorization is a Federal violation of
    the Copyright laws and subject to criminal prosecution. For more information on Copyright law please refer to Title 17 of the U.S. Code as
    well as Section 106 of the Copyright Act of 1976.
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