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    You may download the following information package at no cost.

    Information Manuals Pack

  • The Andromeda Info Manual - an information manual about Andromeda, its characteristics and trading systems in general. Important
    topics such as Optimization, Types of Drawdowns, Performance Issues and Position Sizing (Money Management) among others are

  • Andromeda Portfolios & Performance - the result of exhaustive analysis and testing: numerous different recommended portfolios for
    small, medium, large and professional account sizes that apply Position Sizing (Money Management) strategies. Historical performance
    test results are provided in graphical format as well as detailed reports. This is an important manual and perhaps the one that will interest
    you the most; it provides the road map for Andromeda.

  • Pegasus Portfolios & Performance - this one is the Pegasus version of the Portfolios & Performance manual described above.

  • About Pegasus Report - an information manual about Pegasus, its characteristics and main features.

  • System Combinations - a presentation of various examples combining portfolios from both Andromeda and Pegasus together.
    Combining systems adds a whole new layer of diversification.

    * Note: the Andromeda Revelations and Pegasus Revelations manuals are provided to new Andromeda and Pegasus owners respectively
    upon purchase. They reveal in detail the system rules and trading logic. Everything is thoughroughly revealed, disclosed and explained in
    plain English. Nothing is held back!! For system owners only. You get them along with the regular open source code TradeStation &
    TradersStudio files when you purchase our systems. System owners also have the option of purchasing a stand alone Windows Software.

    Stand alone Windows Software Demo: available upon request.

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