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    Broker Assist / Auto-Trade

    prefer to turn it all over to a broker. If you While Andromeda and Pegasus can easily be traded directly by our customers, we understand
    that people have busy lives and some folks have a broker who is competent in executing trading systems, we will gladly provide any
    already necessary assistance to your broker. Have him or her contact us if necessary. Most system brokers already have the
    TradeStation platform and are already familiar with it. It is then just a matter of importing the Andromeda and Pegasus TradeStation files
    into the platform and setting them up for live trading. Brokers familiar with TradeStation, which is the standard in system trading, should
    know how to do this. If a broker cannot do this then that broker is not qualified to be a system's trader for any system! Andromeda and
    Pegasus use end of day data, and all orders generated are executed on the next daily session. Hence they are very simple and easy
    systems for any competent broker to execute.

    * Our preferred broker regarding broker assist / auto trade services for our systems is Commodity Research Institute. For inquiries
    please call Joe or George at CRI at (828) 692-4230. They have been trading our systems for customers for years.

    If you have any further questions from us please feel free to contact us.
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